Effortlessly more clients

We have been providing our "no cure, no pay" client acquisition for self-employed professionals in various professions since 2012.

Experts in your market

Successful online marketing in healthcare requires experience in- and understanding of this specific market. In this we are right at home.

Stay in control

You maintain full control over your own agenda and therefore decide for yourself whether to accept potential new clients.

Direct communications

Interested clients will always contact you directly. We do not act as a middle-man and will therefore never have any contact with them.

Our services

At Clientflow we put our expert knowledge and experience in online marketing, lead generation and client acquisition to good use for our partners. We do this by combining our skills in a number of key areas needed for online succes (i.e. SEO, SEA, and webdesign) with traditional offline marketing insight and a personal passion for doing honest business in a result-driven manner.

If you are an (independent) psychologist or therapist, we could partner up to provide you with new clients through our "no cure, no pay" service. With this concept we offer a risk-free opportunity to receive a steady stream of new clients each week and grow your business.

We understand however that not everyone who is looking for reliable online marketing and who could therefore use our expertise is working in the aforementioned field. That is why we also offer our services to other businesses and organisations that wish to see better results coming from their online channels. Whether you are looking for more efficient lead generation, increased sales or perhaps the creation of an online identity that matches your vision, we can definitely assist.

In the table below you will find nine points that capture the essence of what we do and how we do it.

Our way of doing business

New clients weekly

We ensure you weekly receive one or more new clients.

High in Google

Through our online marketing knowledge and our extensive network of websites you will rank high in Google.

"No client, no pay"

You exclusively pay us for new clients that have made appointments through our efforts. There are no other costs involved.

Website & Adwords

We will build you a new and optimized website and will draw in visitors through Google Adwords on our own expense.

No start-up fee

Our concept does not require any up-front payments. You only pay a one-time fee for each new client you receive.


Our way of doing business is based on trust. Integrity therefore also forms the backbone of our own activities.

Win - win

Only when we provide you with actual results will we benefit. We thus have a mutual interest for performing well.

Continuous results

Our client acquisition is based on structurally providing you with new clients, not on one-off actions.

Sustainable cooperation

We are always geared towards a sustainable longterm cooperation in which we can rely on each other.

Jointly working on the success of your company

A cooperation focused on the long term in which we both profit. That is our aim.

Our results in numbers

Here we provide you with some interesting figures about the results for our customers thus far:

Last update: 09-2015

Provided clients

About Clientflow

Our way of doing business

Early 2012 we registered Clientflow with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with the aim of structurally helping (self-employed) healthcare professionals attract new clients online without the usual risk and financial investments associated with online marketing and search-engine advertising.

We first started our activities in late 2011 with only a handful of customers to first critically assess the viability of our online marketing concept and the actual benefits it provided to our customers. We really wanted to make sure we could deliver on our promise of creating a win-win situation for both them and ourselves through our "no cure, no pay" online client acquisition service. We were happy to find that what we wished to provide as a company indeed proved possible. Since then we have grown steadily and are now cooperating with over 70 different healthcare providers.

What we regularly hear from our customers is that they see Clientflow as a trustworthy and innovative company which core values match particularly well with the healthcare sector. Many of the required factors for a successful relationship between therapist and client, such as mutual trust, clear communication and of course having the necessary skills and knowledge as a professional, also form the foundation for the way we do business. And this is not going unnoticed. The fact that the majority of our new customers come to us through positive word of mouth from existing partners is testament to how satisfied our customers are with us and our service.

For each individual customer we try to match their practice's particular need and capacity for new clients to the structural, incoming flow of new clients we provide. We make use of our extensive knowledge in and experience with search-engine advertising (SEA) in Google Adwords, SEO copywriting and website development to realize this. Our joint work experience in the aforementioned fields stretches nearly 20 years and we thus feel confident that we know what we are talking about when it comes to online marketing and client acquisition.

The essence of our company is thus to allow psychologists, physical therapists, acupuncture professionals and various other healthcare providers to focus on those aspects of their work they truly like, such as actually helping their clients and patients, while leaving the time and effort involved in online client acquisition in our hands. As fellow entrepreneurs we know and understand the need to focus on your core business and that which you do best, while simultaneously being responsible for the commercial aspect of getting enough new clients in and thus, last but not least, for your own livelihood.

Think you could use our help? Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Ruud Peters & Daniël Pieterson

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What do our customers say about us?

Our customers' view

We highly value the opinion of our customers. What they have to say about us and our service is therefore very important to us.

To the right you will find a number of excerpts about their experiences with us. Their positive testimonials are proof we are on the right track.

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